Bengoo is lid van ISCHE, International Standing Conference for the History of education.

ISCHE was founded in 1978 to promote both international scholarship and co-operation in the field of history of education. The aims were :

  • to foster and facilitate research in the field of the History of Education;
  • to facilitate international contact, exchange of information and co-operation between all those who work in the field of the History of Education;
  • to develop understanding and appreciation of the importance of the History of Education and its contribution to social and educational progress;
  • to foster the History of Education as a perspective in the curriculum of educational and other institutions;
  • to arrange sessions, functions, seminars, study groups, meetings and publications which will achieve these aims.

Beginning in 1995, a selection of papers presented in each annual conference has been published in Paedagogica Historica, a journal that fulfils an important role inside ISCHE.

Standing Working Groups Standing Working Groups (SWG) are small, thematically organized research groups within ISCHE, designed to coordinate research and discussion on a set topic, guided by specific research goals, for a set period of time.  SWGs are automatically granted two parallel session slots on the programme of each ISCHE annual conference.  Guidelines for the operations and establishment of Standing Working Groups are located in  Section 7 of the ISCHE Byelaws.